Who Are We?

We are at your service with more than 16 years of recruitment and Human Resources experience!

WorkAndShine, a brand of 444İK, was launched in 2022. 444İK, which was established 16 years ago to recruit agents for call centers and became one of the most well-known local brands in the sector of mass recruiting, continued to expand its service range with the knowledge and experience it gained over the years. Now, “Mid- and High-Level Executive Search and Selection” and “Human Resources Services” are offered under the WorkAndShine brand.

With more than 16 years of experience, we at WorkAndShine, provide all the human resources services that businesses may require, in addition to “Search and Selection”. We keep improving ourselves and extending our service area in line with new needs and evolving trends.

Our 444İK brand continues to be at your service for your mass recruitment needs.

Since 2019, we have implemented the “Partner-Oriented” management system, a new business model that enables all stakeholders to win. With this system, we provide high service standards to our customers with our expert and highly experienced professional consultants, who we call ” W Partners”, and to whom we present the opportunity to work independently. We believe we can make a significant difference in the sector with our business model, which enables all stakeholders to win.

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