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Join forces with WorkAndShine to meet your demand for new recruits and establish new talent teams with the right skills in an efficient manner.

With its target-oriented perfectionist team and impeccable service philosophy, WorkAndShine helps you expand the Mid- and High-Level Executive workforce in your company in an effective and long-lasting manner.

Talent Hunting is a field of Expertise in its Own Right!

Your search for expert talent requires you to team up with expert consultants who are in the know about your industry. Our expert consultants specialize in various industries and enable you to find competent senior executives with the qualities that you seek.

We will assist you in your Executive Search!

Searching for mid- and high-level executives such as Associates, Managers, Directors, and General Managers, who will play an active role in the management of your company, requires meticulous work. WorkAndShine is ready to assist you in your executive search.

We would be pleased to empower your company with our vast and continuously updated candidate database, our service quality, positive energy, and recruitment success.

444İK Brand continues to be your Solution Partner For Your Mass Recruitment Needs.

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