Performance Evaluation Systems

WorkAndShine's Performance Evaluation Service helps you evaluate the performance of your employees at regular intervals, accurately and effectively. Boost the progress and efficiency of your teams by identifying areas of improvement.

Performance evaluations at regular intervals are vital to ensure that your staff across different functions work effectively and efficiently, to accurately identify areas of improvement, and to enhance the value they add to your organization. Accurate performance evaluations contribute directly to your company’s long-term success as it enables the continuous progress of employees.

WorkAndShine’s expert consultants address your company’s needs in this regard. Within the scope of this service, WorkAndShine

  • Establishes a competency matrix.
  • Sets performance criteria.
  • Conducts performance measurements.
  • Lays out the performance evaluation processes.
  • Delivers fair and transparent evaluation.
  • Allows employees to offer feedback.
  • Determines areas of improvement.
  • Provides data input to the bonus system.
  • Provides data input to career planning.
  • Identifies training needs.
  • Offers coaching support to executives.

If you wish to learn how Performance Evaluation functions and how it may contribute to your company, please fill out our “Service Information Form” and receive information free-of-charge from our expert consultants.

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