HR Strategy Planning

Partner with WorkAndShine to pinpoint and implement the Human Resources strategy that your company requires for each function so as to advance smoothly towards your growth targets.

In order for your company to attain its business goals and grow in a strong and healthy manner, it is crucial for each function, especially Human Resources-related processes, to be managed with the correct strategies. Accurately planning the processes and organizational structure that you may need now and in the future to reach your business objectives will add flexibility and agility to your company.

As part of our HR Strategy Planning Service, we analyze your Human Resources processes and help you align your organizational structure with your corporate goals and mission. Within the scope of this service, WorkAndShine.

  • Analyzes your existing business processes and organizational structure.
  • Drafts job descriptions, title structures and reporting maps.
  • Creates staff plans and staff budgets.
  • Lays out the Human Resources action plan and roadmap.
  • Drafts in-house procedures.
  • Edits a human resources guidebook.
  • Monitors functioning and proposes updates when deemed necessary.

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