Outplacement Assistance

When your company is about to part ways with an employee, you may receive support from WorkAndShine to manage this critical process in the most efficient way.

Managing The Redundancy Process​

Companies may decide to part ways with employees for a variety of reasons, such as organizational transformation, merger, or downsizing. Receiving professional support to manage this critical process correctly might make a crucial difference as regards the company’s reputation.

Outplacement services are of immense importance for both employers and employees. Studies reveal that around 60% of dismissed employees remain in the industry, as either a buyer, supplier or influential rival of the company in question. As such, how you part ways with an employee is critical for the future of your business.

Companies can preserve their brand value and maintain the commitment of current employees by managing outplacement processes in the most suitable way. Furthermore, this helps companies handle legal procedures smoothly through mutual agreement and harmony, thus eliminating litigation risk.

Under the scope of our outplacement service, we offer employees the emotional and professional support they require for going through this process with ease. Moreover, we offer strategic consultancy to plan the entire process, provide guidance on communication, and help the executives prepare for the dismissal meeting.

Please fill out our “Service Information Form” to learn how we can help during the redundancy process and how our services can contribute to your business, and receive complimentary information from our experts in the matter.

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