Internal and External Communication Consultancy

In order to take firm steps towards the future, companies must engage in effective internal and external communication with their employees and all stakeholders

Through “Internal Communication,” companies can communicate with their workers effectively and frequently. The goal of internal communication is to systematically convey information between the partners, managers, workers, and, if necessary, the business partners of the company.

To achieve effective and long-lasting results from your company’s “Internal and External Communication” tasks, you must carefully plan which topics you will communicate, which communication tools you will use, and what kind of language you will use.

WorkAndShine assists you in systematizing your “Internal and External Communication” actions, implementing the necessary moves when needed, in accordance with pre-planned standards. We assist you in taking actions that can make your communication processes effective in practice with our “Internal and External Communication Consultancy” service, and we provide controls at every stage of the process.

In contrast, “External Communication” actions, aim to ensure that your company’s messages are accurately perceived by your customers, target audiences, business partners, various institutions, and organizations. As WorkAndShine, we assist you in strategically planing and effectively executing the management of your customer relations, online and offline promotion and advertising, PR activities, social media management and similar corporate communication activities that you may require. Apart from determining your external communication strategy, our expert consultants also develop detailed business plans for the steps to be taken and ensure the necessary controls are implemented at each stage of the process.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do regarding “Internal and External Communication” and how your company would benefit from it, fill in the “Service Information Form” and receive free guidance from our expert consultants.

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